Sustainability Change Management: We’ve Had the Green Audit...Now What?

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Once an organization has had a green audit depicting the current sustainability status, leading the change initiative can be overwhelming. Change requires a lot of time, planning, and management. Because people are the key to successful organizational change, business leaders must take appropriate steps to involve and engage employees in the sustainability vision and implementation process. This paper offers the framework for business leaders to successfully lead their organizations through a sustainable change to an eco-conscious culture, and:

  • Identifies the change curve cycle and key indicators for each level
  • States a properly framed message to employees
  • Applies key factors to create a shared vision
  • Demonstrates how to develop a proper communication plan
  • Employs techniques to engage employees in the change
  • Creates meaningful metrics to measure change
  • Provides effective rewards and recognition
  • Applies methods for continuous improvement

(23 pages)

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