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We're Hiring: Junior Sustainability Consultant

Please note: Only candidates that make our short list will be contacted. Please, no follow up phone calls or emails.

Job Title:

Junior Sustainability Consultant (Entry level)

Job Type:

Full time, fixed-term employment. 


Lynchburg, VA


$30,000 - $40,000 (negotiable)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • College degree in related field
  • Fluent English
  • Able to pass our background check
  • Driver’s license
  • Exceptional writing skills


(We'll provide the training that you need to do the tasks below. You'll need to pick it up quickly, be thoughtful and creative, and happily take on new projects.)

  • Sustainability strategy and planning -- helping clients understand how to identify, prioritize, and manage environmental and social issues
  • Carbon, waste, and water footprinting -- including data collection and validation, sustainability software implementation, calculations and analysis, and interpretation of the results.
  • Sustainability reporting -- interviewing personnel, drafting case studies, preparing data and charts, developing content, editing final text.
  • Research and analysis -- peer benchmarking, trend analysis, case studies, article writing, and best practice identification.
  • Project management -- client meetings, coordinating teams, timeline and budget management, template and process development.
  • Other tasks -- ability to step in and provide support for other tasks as necessary

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Deals well with ambiguity
  • Can wear a lot of hats
  • Is a whiz with the computer
  • Is a stickler for detail and process
  • Is an outstanding writer
  • Is even tempered
  • Can handle clients (nice, but firm)
  • Is savvy regarding corporate sustainability (practical, reasonable, innovative, not emotionally-attached to the outcome)
  • Is familiar with working in a small business environment
  • Wants to be challenged
  • Wants to make a difference in the world

Tips for Getting Hired:

  • This is incredibly important, so please read everything carefully. We are not a typical business, and so we don’t hire in the typical way.
  • Think of your cover letter as a love letter to SSC. Make us believe that this is the most perfect position that could possibly be advertised and that we would be fools not to snap you up immediately. Tell us why you love this job advertisement, what qualities you bring that would make our lives easier, and how you have been waiting for just this kind of opportunity.
  • Seriously, we delete candidates who send obvious form letters – it’s not hard to tell when you’ve used this cover letter a hundred times in search of a job, any job.

Tough Love:

  • Make your cover letter count. If we’re being brutally honest, we probably won’t even open 95% of the resumes/CVs that we receive. Based on six years of hiring interns, project managers, and consultants, we can tell within 10 seconds of reading your cover letter if you are a good fit. So if you’re not a good fit (you know who you are!), please skip the application process altogether.

How to Apply:

  • Send an email to
  • Include your resume/CV as a PDF attachment (Word docs will be deleted unopened)
  • Put your cover letter in the text field of the email (not as an attachment)
  • Attach a recent writing sample