Partnering with SSC

We get LOTS of inquiries about partnerships. LOTS. We are all about collaboration, but at the same time we are very selective about where we invest our time and money with partner organizations. To streamline the process, we've put together this page.

See Our Process

Why so many steps? We take the partnership development process seriously. If you think that a partnership with SSC is something that you'd like to explore down the road and you'd like to be prepared, please download this partnership dossier. Once we've established a little bit of trust and have decided that an initial discussion makes sense, we use this dossier form to dive deeper into what a partnership would look like.

First Step

Get to know us BEFORE you reach out for a partnership inquiry. We take forming partnerships very seriously to ensure all parties get the best results. We hope you feel the same. Requests to form joint ventures out of the blue can be a little unsettling and we much prefer to know you a little bit before you broach a more detailed proposal. 

Second Step

Find a client project that we can partner on to see if we work well together. We usually insist that we complete at least one engagement together before exploring any kind of formal partnership. That way, everyone can "kick the tires" and make sure that it's really worth the effort on both sides. If you've already got a project in mind, please contact us to talk about it!

Third Step

Finally, if you are serious about a formal partnership, we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase and complete the Partnership Playbook. It’s a splendid “guide for how to join forces with other business owners, nonprofits and sponsors–for impact, for influence, for profit, and to change the world.” (We have no affiliation with Pam Slim -- we just love her work.)