Retailer Supplier Scorecards

Almost every major retailer now has its own sustainability questionnaire. That's great, unless you're a supplier on the receiving end of multiple scorecards. Then it's a logistical nightmare.

Let us help you set up sustainability systems to address the most common questions about social and environmental sustainability. So you can get back to your day job. 

We have expertise in dealing with almost every retailer scorecard and questionnaire. We've listed the most popular three below -- but if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us for a conversation about your needs.


Walmart Supplier Scorecards

You're probably familiar with Walmart's 15-question survey on energy, waste, water, supply chain, and community.

In 2012, Walmart began rolling out more sophisticated, product-specific questionnaires. These new scorecards include questions on environment, health and safety management systems, chemical management, and emergency preparedness.

If you sell to Walmart, don't get complacent on the old 15-question scorecard, the new wave of questions are coming!

Target Supplier Scorecards

One of the nice things about the Target scorecard is that it's in a spreadsheet format, and you can see your score change immediately as you enter in your answers.

If you don't like the final tally on your current scorecard, contact us to figure out how to best close the gap.

Bonus! You'll find that the Target scorecard has significant overlaps with other retailer questionnaires, and so in many places you can tackle one initiative and get credit with multiple customers.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (S.B. 657)

Effective beginning in 2012, this new law requires companies that sell goods in California to disclosure their efforts to address slavery and human trafficking throughout their supply chain, including human rights policies, facility auditing and verification, employee training, and compliance and remediation procedures.

If you manufacture products that are sold in California (either directly, or through a retailer), you need to address this NOW.