SSC Candidate Screening - Junior Consultant

You've made it past the first cut -- congrats! Before we set up an interview, we'd like to get to know you a little more. 

Please fill out the questionnaire on the right, then hit submit. We will review it and get back to you if we feel there is a good fit.


Name *
Do you possess exceptional writing skills that flow from your fingers onto the computer screen with ease? *
Are you an expert with typical office software suites, email, and technology? *
In particular, you need to be savvy with word, excel, and powerpoint. Not just competent, but really GOOD.
Are you available 9-5 every day? Can you work after hours? Will you have to plan your schedule ahead of time, or can you respond to last-minute changes? (Note: there is no right answer here, we are just looking to learn a little more about your schedule.)
As a small company, EVERY member of our team needs to be a GREAT fit. Tell us why you think you fit in well with our culture, our mission, and our work.
Like to work in teams, or alone? Prefer lots of direction, or autonomy? Tell us what makes a great workplace from your perspective.
Are you hoping to grow this position into something bigger at SSC? Want to use it to springboard into another career/industry? Want to add areas of job responsibility? Tell us your dreams, and let's see if we can make it happen.
Tell us about a project that made you come alive -- that tested your skills, drove you crazy, and was all you could talk about for months.
Tell us about your relocation plans (if appropriate). How soon can you be out here? Any experience living in a town like Lynchburg? Anything we can do to make your transition smoother?
For example, do you need us to facilitate a work permit (if you are not a current US citizen/resident)?
This is a highly competitive position, and everyone who makes it to the interview phase is going to be smart, hard-working, and enthusiastic. What sets you apart from the crowd?