Sustainability Consulting Masterclass

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Sustainability Consulting Masterclass


How to Become a Sustainability Consultant

The Sustainability Consulting Masterclass is an online, on-demand series of four webinars, each ranging from 60-100 minutes long. It's great place to start if you want to figure out the basics of becoming a successful sustainability consultant, especially if you need some help with the business side of consulting. 

Sustainability Consulting 101  provides an overview of the industry, advice on positioning yourself to break into this competitive field, and resources to stay up-to-date with emerging sustainability issues. 

The rest of the series covers topics such as high-growth areas within sustainability consulting, clients you can expect to see hiring, writing proposals and contracts for sustainability consulting engagements, project management tools, communication strategies, and even suggestions for how to approach pricing.

This course is our most popular track for new sustainability consultants. It's chock-full of inside information about how to make it in our competitive industry. Get a sneak peak at each of the four classes below, including testimonials from past participants, by clicking on each of the videos below.

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Sustainability Consulting 101 - Introduction to Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Consulting 201 - Emerging Growth Areas

Sustainability Consulting 301 - Managing Client Relationships

Sustainability Consulting 401 - Creating Better Proposals