Make Sustainability Work for You 

We believe that the single most important thing you can do--before you spend significant time or money on specific "green" initiatives--is to understand how sustainability impacts your business model, your value chain, and your products and services. We've developed a process that can get you there quickly.

Together, we'll create a sustainability plan based on your goals, risks and opportunities, external and internal pressures, and resources. This roadmap will provide you with clear priorities and directions, so that you can move forward with confidence knowing that sustainability is not just the right thing to do, but also a great business decision.

Kickoff Engagement

We generally start with an initial, short-term project we call a kickoff engagement.

This 4-6 week process includes a mix-and-match of the following elements, designed to suit your needs:

  • Preliminary data collection and review
  • Visits to your headquarters (and your main manufacturing facilities if applicable)
  • Meetings with your key executives and managers
  • Peer benchmarking, to see how you compare to 5-7 companies in your industry
  • Stakeholder interviews, to determine how customers, employees, investors, and local community members judge your sustainability performance

Sustainability Roadmap

At the end of the kickoff, we'll provide you with two documents.  The first is a scorecard assessment that tells you how your organization stacks up on key sustainability issues.  This report goes beyond simple yes/no scoring and provides insight into where you can easily improve, and where you simply need to re-frame the data you already have.

The second document is a sustainability roadmap that lays out the policies, programs, and performance data needed to create an effective sustainability strategy.  This roadmap takes into account your current activities, your future business plans, industry trends, customer expectations, and your organization's level of commitment.  We'll give you three options to consider, explaining exactly what is involved (budget, personnel, and technology) in each sustainability option.  

Get Your Systems in Place

We find that most clients still need to develop and implement robust sustainability systems to gather, analyze, and communicate their progress. We help clients get those management systems in place. Our services include:

  • Energy, waste, water and packaging audits
  • Product life cycle assessments
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and carbon footprint analysis and CDP Reporting
  • Transportation/logistics assessment
  • Environmental and social assessment of U.S. or global manufacturing facilities
  • Vendor eco-evaluation
  • Community involvement assessment and recommendations
  • Stakeholder and employee engagement
  • Sustainability reporting

The SSC Difference

We focus on how sustainability can bring you a competitive advantage—far beyond just compliance and regulatory issues. Unlike many environmental consultancies that tack on sustainability as an “add on” service, we look at the entire spectrum of sustainability issues that are important in your industry and important in your business model. We will put together a team of consultants with the specific skills you need for each phase of the project, rather than a small group of generalists.

Ready for the first conversation?

If SSC seems like a good fit for your organization, the next step is to contact us.  We'll get some preliminary information about your company, then provide you with a specific quote for the kickoff engagement.  And if you're looking for something specific that doesn't follow this exact model, that's okay too.  Click here to send us a message and get the conversation started.