EVENT: Webinar - CSR 101 for Microenterprise

Today, nearly all big businesses have a public commitment to "corporate social responsibility" (CSR). Wal-Mart has announced sweeping environmental goals related to energy efficiency and "green" packaging. Hewlett Packard is opening training centers for small business owners to learn how to grow their businesses with technology. And Hain Celestial Group has started an initiative to better understand consumer's community priorities and to develop "social purpose" programs.

Even though the business value of CSR has been well established, it's often overlooked by small and medium-size organizations, and by microenterprise in particular. That's a grave mistake, because a strong CSR program can help you cut costs, enhance brand awareness, improve customer loyalty, and set your business apart from larger competitors.

That's why we're pleased to offer Corporate Social Responsibility 101 for Microenterprise, an interactive webinar about the opportunities and challenges associated with social and environmental responsibility for microbusiness. In an hour-and-a-half, we'll cover:

-- A general overview of corporate social responsibility, and why it's valuable to microenterprise.

-- Key CSR issues, including energy efficiency, labor standards, product safety, and corporate governance.

-- Simple and low-cost ways to demonstrate your commitment to "good business ethics".

-- Metrics to track your progress, and how to measure the value of your CSR programs.

-- Ways to publicize your efforts to maximize the financial rewards of corporate citizenship.

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