NEWS: In the War for Talent, Good Companies Finish First

The Good Search, a search practice that works to recruit for companies that attempt to be better businesses, recently released a survey about companies that are embracing social responsibility, and how employees feel about socially responsible companies. The survey results emphasize what Strategic Sustainability Consulting already preaches: social responsibility pays --in dividends.

Almost all respondents stated they would like to work for a successful company that was also “good.” About 92% stated they would trust a “good” employer, and would feel better and happier about themselves if they worked for a “good” company. However, only 36% of the respondents felt that they currently worked for a “good” company that had established corporate social responsibility reports. Furthermore, 9% felt that they worked for “bad” company with dubious ethics. Also, 91% believe that working for a “good” company reflects positively on them, as well as reinforces their ethical ideals. About 68% felt that having a “bad” company on their resume would reflect poorly on them and their careers.

A “good” company was defined by the following: Positive Work Environment (92% ), Family Friendly Benefits (73%), Profit-Sharing (67%), Superior Wages (59%), Superior Benefits (58%) and Wage Fairness (44%). Of the respondents, 44% wanted to work for an environmentally friendly company, and 37% wanted to work for a company that made socially responsible goods.

There is a growing population of workers who want to work for socially responsible companies. As the business environment shifts, the best way for companies to retain their employees, and attract qualified applicants, companies, if not already, should begin to focus on becoming more socially responsible.