WHY WE LOVE: Tom Szaky

Dispatch from SSC Intern Tom D'Eri

I first heard about Tom Szaky while watching G-Word on Planet Green. I was immediately enthralled by the entrepreneurial spirit and unique perspective Tom brought to business. After the conclusion of his segment I rushed up to my computer so I could begin learning more about him and his business, Terracycle.

The reason that Mr. Szaky business is so exciting is because it raises the bar and redefines what it means to be an eco-entrepreneur.

Terracycle started out as a company which sold worm excrement fertilizer out of old soda bottles. The idea of selling a product made of waste in a waste product happened primarily out of necessity because Szaky had no money to buy a packaging for his fertilizer. However, today that concept resonates in all of Terracycle products which range from pencil cases made from Capri Sun juice bags to their revolutionary fire logs that are made from 100% wax cardboard waste (which is currently not recyclable).

This waste = product mentality is truly extraordinary because Terracycle is actually having a positive impact on the environment, as opposed to the neutral (or reduced) impact that most companies strive for, because they transform landfill-doomed products into new items!

To find out more, visit Terracycle's official website here.
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