NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

If you missed out on SSC’s insights last week, here you can find an overview of the exciting sustainability happenings that occurred; from resources for greening the basic sectors of our consumption pattern – like food, paper and supply chains – to analyzing the concept of sustainability, breaking the news on electric vehicles and presenting an innovative case of sustainable heat recovery. Read on!

It’s All About Food

  • Ever wonder what kind of certifications and standards are out there to ensure fair and just payment for food products, as well as compassionate & eco-friendly harvesting and animal handling? Wonder no more by accessing the comprehensive white paper here.
  • And how can the dining business go forward on sustainability? Read all about the Green Dining Best Practices for improving environmental performance, customer satisfaction and economic benefits by clicking here.

More Resources to Empower Sustainability

  • Reduce your environmental footprint by greening the consumption of one of the most resource-intensive and waste-generating goods: paper! Our whitepaper guide provides a brief overview of the many options available and suggests ways to change paper usage patterns towards environmentally-friendly practices. Begin here.
  • The issue of value chain solutions is emerging as a critical one for sustainability and companies can do a great deal to shape positive outcomes, both economic and environmental. Learn how supply chains can be decarbonized by clicking here.

Understanding Sustainability – From Basic Concepts to Integral Theory

  • Companies and consumers can both get confused about terms such as sustainability, green, natural, and organic. SSC Intern Stephanie Castellano reflects on the issue here.
  • Lisa Chacon talks about sustainability and integral theory: how do "interior" elements like values, perceptions, and cultural norms affect our ability to change "exterior" elements like environmental management and international agreements on human rights? You can only find out by listening to our latest podcast here.

The Electric Car – From Government Funding to Carbon Credits

  • Will government funding really help to establish efficient mainstream consumption of electric cars? Get the insight from SSC Intern Paul Turaew by clicking here.
  • In India it’s a different story. Electric vehicle producers are actively seeking carbon credits. The manufacturers see this as a considerable revenue source but also as a significant green marketing opportunity. Find out more by clicking here.

Innovative Heat Recovery System – a Model for Sustainable Symbiosis

  • Heat generated by a data centre in London will be recovered for supplying homes! SSC Intern Jason Wirick breaks the news here.

Stay tuned as more is to come!