NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

If you are curious about where the stimulus funds are going, how to proceed with a life-cycle assessment, what the U.S. army does to calculate its “bootprint”, what the biofuel producers demand from the climate bill, how a white roof can reduce your energy bills and how to green your eating habits... just click below because we covered it all last week here @ SSC! We also released our ‘How to Create a Paperless Office’ recorded webinar – now available for download!


  • How to Create a Paperless Office – This recorded webinar will take you through the options (ideas, behavior change, and technologies) for reducing paper use in your office. Go green - reduce paper - cut on costs!
  • Stimulus Funds Map – Greenbiz just launched its new interactive Stimulus Funds map. The aim of this project is to make it easier for business owners and the interested public to track down where the funds are going.


Inside Views from the SSC Team:

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