WHY WE LOVE: Wireless Charging

Dispatch from SSC Intern Stephanie Castellano

Power chords can be quite a hassle. Tangling around objects. Limiting movement when plugged in. A new breakthrough technology could eliminate such hassles! Wireless electricity charging is a new innovative way to keep electronics charged.

Similar to radio and cell phone waves the technology allows electronics to charge without any cords. Power can be transmitted through radio frequencies, similar to how waves are sent through cell phones, radio, and wi-fi signals. Wireless electricity is continually improving in order to increase its efficiency since recent estimates put the wireless current at only about 40% efficiency.

Plus It's Greener!

Besides eliminating cords, the technology would reduce battery use. According to the EPA, Americans purchase 3 billion disposable dry-cell batteries every year and then throw 2.8 billion of them in ladnfills. Wireless electricity technology would allow electronic batteries to be charged over and over again before having to throw them away. Along with reduced battery use, comes less metals and toxic materials mined, manufactured and then leached into the environment.

Also, future innovations may use wireless electricity to charge hybrid and electric vehicles. Now that's a greener, brighter future!

What to learn about the science behind wireless electricity charging? Check out this BBC article for more information.