VIEWS: The Future for Green Teams

Dispatched by the SSC Team

Conquering the Green Team Plateau for Sustainability Leadership, published last week on, pays tribute to the valiant efforts of green teams with a critical eye towards the future.  While green teams have thus far played an important role in institutionalizing sustainability, many are at a crossroads of size, scope, and level of influence.  Deciding between costs and cause can create discord in any organization, but significant opportunities still exist.  

The decision to continue sustainability initiatives past the point of convenience and cost savings demonstrates sincere commitment, while providing new avenues for growth.  This step can refocus a company’s mission, and redefine sustainability as an integral growth strategy. 

We’ve developed a toolkit specifically designed to help small businesses navigate these decisions.  The Green Team Toolkit incorporates tips and tools for teams at all stages, and importantly, offers guidance to leadership in effective integration and management.  The toolkit includes:

  • A 45-page guide to creating an effective green team
  • Templates including memos to get your CEO on board, materials to help recruit green team members, and memos to spread the word and generate enthusiasm among the rest of the staff
  • Spreadsheets and tools for creating a timeline, budget, and performance measures

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