EVENTS: Biking, Walking, Public Transport: Smart Mobility for the 21st Century

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010, 6:30 pm

Goethe-Institut Washington, GoetheForum


+1 (202) 289-1200

6:30 pm: Stranded? How to Change Your Bike Tire
A hands-on demonstration by Daniel Hoagland, DC Bike Ambassador, Washington Area Bicyclist Association.

7 pm: Biking, Walking, Public Transport: Smart Mobility for the 21st Century 
Panel discussion with:
David Alpert, Greater Greater Washington
Ralph Buehler, Virginia Tech University, Smart Bike 
Moderated by Arne Jungjohann, Heinrich Böll Foundation

Walking and cycling for daily transportation have been identified as perhaps the best way to ensure adequate levels of physical exercise and enhance overall public health. Public forms of transportation and shared vehicle programs alleviate traffic congestion in urban areas. What can be learned from cities across the world to improve the safety, convenience, and feasibility of non-motorized modes of transportation?

In the 2010 event series Green Living, the Goethe-Institut Washington and the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America want to address how we can find a more sustainable lifestyle and benefit from it at the same time. Speakers from the US and Europe will present best practices and new ideas in the fields of mobility, energy and food to highlight smart choices for a better way of living.

Our world is confronted with a major crisis: growing greenhouse gas emissions that lead to disastrous climate change. Global reserves of clean air, fresh water and fertile soil are polluted or becoming scarce and over utilized. Whether in Berlin, New York, Mexico City or elsewhere in the world, politicians, academics and NGOs try to find solutions for these daunting challenges for us and generations to come. Although they play a crucial role, better policies and tougher regulations alone will not solve these problems. Lifestyles, behavior, and consumerism are as important. In fact, it’s up to us to make a difference. As consumers, we have the power to be a positive influence.

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A project of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and the Goethe-Institut Washington