NEWS: Check us out in Entrepreneur’s article, On the Green Way

In Entrepreneur’s April, 2011 edition, Jason Daley has an article on future burgeoning green business opportunities.  In particular he highlights Cleantech, Sustainability Management, and Ecological Restoration.

In the section on Sustainability Management, Daley sites Wal-Mart as one of the biggest consumers in this space.  Wal-Mart, in the process of identifying the sustainability of each of their products, is asking their 100,000 different suppliers to answer 15 questions about their respective businesses.  For example, the questions inquire about the amount of GHGs emitted in manufacturing, the amount of water used in the factories, and where and how the raw materials are sourced.  Many of these suppliers need help answering these questions, and seek external support in order to maximize their performance. 

Our very own Jennifer Woofter comments in the article, “Small and midsize companies in the Wal-Mart supply chain especially need help…There’s Wal-Mart’s 100,000 direct suppliers, and then the suppliers of those suppliers.  In many of these companies, the VP in charge of marketing has literally become the VP in charge of marketing and sustainability overnight.  They’re calling consultants because they don’t have a spare minute to devote to sustainability.”

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