Montgomery County Class Resources: Zero Waste Fashion Exhibit

The fashion industry, a constant victim of the ebb and flow of trends, is not an obvious subject for a zero-waste initiative.  However, with 15-20% of scrap fabric ending up in landfills and approximately 16 billion pounds of post-consumer textiles discarded each year, the industry has an impact worth investigating. 

The No Waste/Zero Waste exhibit by Columbia College’ A + D Gallery in Chicago opened March 2nd and runs through April 16th.  The exhibit is meant to help its viewers understand the physical implications of the individual pieces of clothing we buy, and explore solutions to dealing with fashion waste.

While the concept of zero waste is relatively new to fashion, it seems to be growing rapidly through the industry.  Parson’s the New School for Design is now offering a course in zero-waste fashion, and Sandu, the curator of the exhibit, runs a zero waste program for Columbia’s fashion students. 

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