UPDATE: Attention Walmart Suppliers!

Ahhhhh September.  Crisp evenings, football, foliage, kids going back to school, the last opportunity to wear white – there is no shortage of reasons why it’s one of our favorite months.  Even Labor Day traffic can’t dampen our September spirit. 

Because we adore September so much, we’ve decided to dedicate the entire month to something else we love – all you Walmart suppliers out there!  Over the next four weeks this blog will give you ideas, tips, and examples to help you navigate the world of Walmart sustainability. 

SSC works with all kinds of companies, from thriving mid-sized businesses who want to use sustainability reporting to boost their momentum, to small, under-resourced organizations who want to be sustainable, but don’t know where to start (and if they do, they think a consultant is too expensive).  Really, no matter what your firm looks like, SSC can help.  We have the track record to prove it.

Please take a quick look at the section of our website devoted specifically to Walmart suppliers.  You’ll learn why you need to think about sustainability, how SSC guides you through the process, and get an idea of how you can realize significant ROI from your new sustainability efforts.

By the way…we just discovered a new product that combines the portability of a bpa-free water bottle, with the purification of traditional water filters.  It’s called Hydros, and we think it’s pretty neat.  Maybe Walmart should start carrying products like this.