Social Media Training for Sustainability Professionals

In the last couple of months, we've seen a flurry of reports showing that sustainability consulting is poised for major growth in 2012. We've also seen a number of articles, webinars, and reports (and a couple of ridiculously overpriced seminars) showing that social media is an essential part of building a small business. Put those two findings together and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that social media is a critical tool for sustainability practitioners seeking to grow their businesses.

Easier said than done.

Many sustainability practitioners know they *should* be using social media. But getting up to speed on the different platforms can be overwhelming, and setting aside the time to create a social media strategy can be downright daunting.

We've been down that road, made the mistakes, and come up with some great lessons about effectively using social media as a tool for sustainability professionals. And for 2012, we're delighted to announce that we've teamed up with Julie Urlaub at Taiga Company (who is freaking brilliant on social media stuff!) to package that learning in a self-guided, online program that includes video lessons, discussion forums, additional resources, and homework assignments that will put your learning into practice.

Building an online presence with blogging and profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be easy and fun.  Let us show you how! We share different approaches to social media success, what works, and what doesn’t--with proven skills and best practices to maximize your branding potential, communicate effectively, organize your time and build a network of quality contacts.

We're offering a 100% money-back guarantee, and people are telling us that it's totally worth the time and effort. Here are a few snippets of testimonials:

I really liked the course content and think it was a great idea and great collaboration.   It’s definitely worth the $250 (and more) even if you aren’t a sustainability professional and just want to learn more about social media for small business.  I look forward to applying the lessons on my own business in 2012.

-- Jim Jones, Sustainability Consultant and Owner of Verdant HFC

This is a fantastic program!  Whether you are a sustainability professional or not, if you want to use social media tools to advance your business, this program is a must. I found all of it to be excellent, but particularly found the homework "assignments" useful.  They make you apply what you have learned promptly, which aids in the retention process.

-- Julie Brooks, City of Golden, Colorado

Learn more about the program, and sign up at Social Media for Sustainability Professionals.  Also, check out today's press release: "Social Media For Sustainability Professionals - Online Training Offered for 2012"