Jennifer Woofter Joins The University of Vermont’s Executive Online Education Faculty

Exciting news!  Jennifer Woofter, founder and president of Strategic Sustainability Consulting, is now part of the University of Vermont’s executive online education faculty.  The University has a long term commitment to campus sustainability and development of the Institute for Global Sustainability, and in that light they aim to offer students sustainability instruction closely tied to their long standing tradition of translating theory into practice.  

So they have assembled top industry professionals and scholars to deliver real-world strategic business sustainability curriculum to assist corporate leaders in the shift to sustainable innovations.  We are excited to see Jennifer included as part of this faculty and flattered to read the kind words the University had to share:

As an innovative business leader, president of her own successful sustainability consulting firm and an effective national speaker on strategic business sustainability, Jennifer Woofter joins the University of Vermont Sustainable Innovations faculty in the Executive Online Education Program. Woofter brings with her over ten years of experience and education which she translates into relevant and competitive curriculum for today’s busy executives desiring an online education that will mobilize a strategic plan to achieve better triple bottom line results in any business setting.

With her extensive sustainability partnerships and international perspective, Jennifer delivers the knowledge business leaders need to create and implement sustainable practices in three eight week sustainability courses leading to an Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation. Woofter’s experience also includes work with governmental agencies and investment firms where she helped build stronger organizational integrity with her unique brand of leadership. Assembling effective teams is essential to the success of any project and students in the Executive Online Program will reap the benefits of Woofter’s holistic approach to leadership and sustainability. Through her experiences, students will learn an innovative approach to assembling teams that work together to drive profitability while at the same time creating a corporate culture that is fair to workers and respectful of the environmental. Sustainable corporate practices offer impressive ROI’s and Woofter’s students will learn ways to apply her successful insights into triple bottom line success stories of their own.

Read the complete article on the University of Vermont’s website.

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