Jennifer Woofter Talks About Setting Targets and Encouraging Behaviors that Work


Jennifer Woofter of Strategic Sustainability Consulting was recently featured on the Buildings website and the Buildings Magazine, November 2012 Issue. In the article, “Setting Targets and Encouraging Behaviors that Work,” Buildings asked Jennifer about energy management and positive employee behaviors, she shared some insights and suggestions that definitely gave readers some food for thought (and action). When asked why so many energy reduction goals fail, Jennifer Woofter said:

“In my consulting practice, the biggest flaw I see in energy management initiatives is ignoring the human element. You can do a lot to minimize energy use from a building or facility perspective, but at some point you are going to have to address employee behavior in the workplace. This is one of the most challenging aspects of our work as sustainability practitioners. It involves changing people’s mindsets. And honestly, as much as we say that “going green” is hindered by financial costs, the reality is that it’s time and attention that are the real obstacles.

Employees are already overworked. Asking them to take the extra few seconds or minutes every day to practice energy-smart behavior is an uphill battle. For example, one of the major reasons that people don’t turn off their computers at night is that they don’t want to wait the extra 3-5 minutes in the morning for the computer to boot up.”

To read the entire article, visit “Setting Targets and Encouraging Behaviors that Worknow!

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