NEWS: A Recipe for Success – Sustainable Restaurants Pocket More Green

The Green Revolution hits the restaurant world as illustrated in a recent article on, which details how restaurants (or any business, for that matter) can reap the benefits of “going green.” The National Restaurant Association estimates that one million U.S. restaurants serving 70 billion meals annually and employing 13 million people generate revenues of over $500 billion each year. Recognizing the industry’s substantial economic impacts, the article explores the pay-offs and steps to take for sustainable restaurant practices.

Logistics is a key first step for greening your restaurant. American food products are estimated to travel 1,500 miles before consumption- an unsustainable distance given today’s fuel economy. One offered solution is to use local food sources, which in turn provides consumers with food that is fresher and tastes better- a competitive advantage for you- while supporting the local economy.

And what about pay offs? Eric Haley, Vice President of America’s first franchised national green restaurant chain Pizza Fusions states, “What we are seeing is that customers are voting with their dollars in support of businesses that are offering green solutions.” We vote our support!

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