EVENTS: Distance Learning Course at Harvard University on Sustainability

Environmental Studies E-105 : Strategies for Environmental Management
Harvard Extension School: 21808
Spring 2008-2009
Robert B. Pojasek, PhD, Adjunct Lecturer on Environmental Science, Harvard School of Public Health.
Location: 1 Story Street 304
Meeting Time: Monday 7:35-9:35 pm

Students explore the path to sustainable development at the local level. A case method approach is used to examine the nexus among communities, local businesses, organizations, and individuals. Sustainability is put into operation in local businesses as a management system. Local cases are used to illustrate the tradeoffs that may be necessary.

Taught by our friend and colleague Robert Pojasek, you definitely want to check out this online, distance learning course. He notes:

We should have more than 100 students from over 20 countries in the course. This year students will work in cohort groups to write collaborative cases with positive outcomes using a WIKI tool. I think they will find there will be quite a bit of skill development to be had.

Download the syllabus here. Have questions? Email him at rpojasek (at)