NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

Last week's developments can provide you with lots of resources and food for thought: from how to center the built environment around human needs, how to green your IT, what kind of green certifications and sustainable roadmaps exist and SSC views on the climate bill and basic psychology for empowering energy efficiency.

Needs Based Design
What is the "Needs Based Design" approach to development? How can the built environment be designed around human needs? Get all the cutting-edge insights from our latest podcast with Geoff Stack. Click here to become inspired!

LEED 101
The LEED standard has emerged as the international standard for what constitutes as an environmentally sustainable office space. Learn how it can benefit your company by reading our latest white paper. Click here to begin!

Green IT
Cut your company's energy costs, improve in efficiency and reduce your overall business carbon footprint with the how-to from our Green IT paper. Click here to become more efficient!


  • What can industry associations do to advance sustainability among their members and also promote it to the broader business world? The new Sustainability/CSR Roadmap for Associations can deliver these vital answers. Click here to access it!
  • With so many green/sustainability certifications out there how can you be sure which one is the right one? Begin by exploring one very comprehensive master list here.


  • The climate bill is passed but what risks will we face? SSC Intern Elizabeth Vayda reflects on the issue here.
  • Simple psychology can lead us to be more energy efficient. SSC Intern Paul Turaew shows us how here.
  • With the right legislation, can the use of disposable plastic and paper bags be reduced? SSC Intern Barbara Summers gives us a good example here.

Stay tuned as this week will be just as exciting!