NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

The sustainability world is getting more complex, interesting and innovative. Last week we dove into many such interesting issues: from greening the food shopping experience, setting up sustainable cooperatives on campuses and introducing carbon calculators for lowering energy consumption, to the private sector’s plea for renewable energy support, top environmental documentaries on the web and alternative D.C. touring options. Read on to find out more!


  • Greening the Food Shopping Experience White Paper – Our newest white paper aims to clear up the murkiness related to sustainable food purchasing practices by taking you through each step of the food shopping process. Read it and you will understand how to make practical, eco-friendly, and socially just shopping decisions. It is available for free download during this week only!
  • Bari Levine - Greening Your Food Shopping Experience – In our latest podcast, related to our newest white paper, former SSC Intern Bari Levine shares some of her research findings from the world of sustainable food purchasing. From the paper vs. plastic debate to the best way to spend your limited "organic" budget – she has it all covered.
  • How to Create Green Employee Benefits – Recorded webinar now available for download. Learn all about the different types of "green benefits" for the workplace, transportation, home and well being that can really make a difference and enable your employees to live healthier & environmentally conscious lives.
  • Watch Top Documentaries on the Web – Through you can watch full documentaries about the environment and other issues for free!


  • A Private Sector Plea for America to Embrace Clean Energy – The Chairman and Chief Executive of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt, along with a partner from a venture capital firm, John Doerr, recently published an Op-Ed article where they plead for a responsible government policy to support renewable energy exploitation.
  • SSC’s FoxyCart RFQ – We are seeking quotes for the development and implementation of a FoxyCart payment system for our website.
  • Carbon Calculators Push Energy Consumption Down – A unique study concluded by Oxford University and Ebico in the U.K. just revealed that householders can reduce energy bills by 15% if they can track how much resources they are consuming.

Inside Views from the SSC Team:

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