NEWS: Last Week @ SCC

Last week was full of exciting sustainability news – from coconut CO2 reduction in the Maldives, the rising green mobile phone trend, promising green jobs in water to The Age of Stupid climate film premier, UK’s climate plan B fear and real time statistics. Read on to learn all about these happenings as well as to meet our amazing fall intern group!

• Coconuts Will Be Reducing CO2 Emissions in the Maldives – Learn how local conditions can bring upon CO2 reduction results and empower the economy. 

• Green Mobiles – a Rising Trend in the Market – The mobile phone sector is quick on catching up with the green wave. Get to know the new market trend.

• Green Jobs Are Getting Wet – Find out all about one of the most prospective green jobs segment.

• The Age of Stupid – Inspiring and Shocking Climate Film Premiers in the U.S. September 21st. Don’t miss it!

• UK Science Academy Fears We Might Need a Back-up Climate Plan – If climate talks fail this December, the island wants to be ready for emergency action with the help of geoengineering.

• Real-time World Statistics – Real-time illustration of data such as world population growth, health-care expenditure, cars produced, new books published, forest loss, C02 emissions and water & food consumed.

SSC Fall 2009 Interns – Click to meet our wonderful team and stay tuned for more sustainability happenings!