RESOURCES: Managing and Reporting Sustainability Metrics Webinar Slides Now Available

Looking for a copy of the “Managing and Reporting Sustainability Metrics” Webinar slides presented by Jennifer Woofter earlier this month? 

If you were able to join us for this free webinar, we hope that you found the presentation useful and that it helped to kick start some brainstorming around next steps to confidently choose and manage sustainability metrics.  (A special thank you goes out to Industry Intelligence for hosting as well!)  If not, no worries, we are happy to share the slides that our now available in our resources section.  Using these slides, Jennifer led participants through a practical analysis of sustainability data tracking and reporting while exploring commonly asked questions, including:

  • What kind of environmental and social information do you need to track?
  • What makes a good sustainability indicator?
  • What are the pros and cons of using sustainability tracking software?
  • What do stakeholders expect to see in your sustainability report?

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Careers in sustainability today mean staying abreast of new changes, expectations from clients, and how to continue to create a clear path and direction to guide your clients or your organization.  Managing and reporting sustainability metrics is key to getting started (benchmarking impacts and performance) and it is just as important to establishing ongoing and successful programs.  How can you manage what you aren’t measuring?  Data is a key ingredient to set goals and objectives, but it’s important that you are using the right kind of ingredients to find a really targeted solution.  What success stories do you have from managing and reporting sustainability metrics?  Is there certain criteria you have found to be useful in almost all cases?  What about some metrics that caused more confusion than direction?