INSIGHTS: Careers in Sustainability (Part 2)

We thought you might enjoy a little round-up of some of our best blogs on the topic of careers in sustainability, enjoy the rest of our list from earlier this week!

  1. VIEWS: Lessons Young Sustainability Consultants Can Learn.  We all make mistakes, but how many times do we make the same mistake before we actually learn? Alex Taussig’s article, “15 mistakes young entrepreneurs make, but don't have to” focuses mainly on entrepreneurs and the blunders they encounter along the way, we think it’s pretty relevant to all young sustainability consultants.
  2. VIEWS: A Lesson in Sustainability Consulting: Closing the Deal.  What if you can’t seem to get your consulting foot in the door?  Just how critical a dead-on pitch can be suddenly becomes very real.  Consulting Magazine lists ten thoughts that we thought directly related to capturing big business.
  3. RESOURCES: ISSP Webinar Recording, Inside the Lives of Sustainability Professionals.  The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is a global association that serves professionals committed to making sustainability a standard practice among industries.  We strongly encourage you to check them out as networking and resource opportunity if you haven’t already!
  4. Sustainability Consulting Masterclass Series.  The series kicks off with Sustainability Consulting 101, a 90-minute introduction to the industry including main categories, trends, terminology, and how to break into the field.  Next, 201 covers emerging areas within sustainability consulting, the type of clients that are hiring, and key competencies necessary for your success.  301 moves on to writing contracts for engagements, project management and communication, and setting standards.  Finally, 401 caps off the series with details on the bidding process, requests for information, requests for proposals, and pricing.

Interested in learning more about sustainability consulting or grabbing some great resources if you’re feeling a little stuck?  Sustainability is an ever-evolving field, and as sustainability consultants, we’re constantly learning new things.  Instead of keeping all of this knowledge to ourselves, we are always open to sharing!  From our webinars to our white papers and more, we hope you find what you’re looking for!