EVENT: Sustainability Consulting Masterclass - 401 Now On-Demand

Our four-part, live Sustainability Consulting Masterclass wrapped up last Thursday with 401- Creating Better Proposals. If you missed any or all of the classes, you can now take each of them through our on-demand training. 

Our recorded classes, 101-104, have been updated per our most recent run-through of the course.  The complete series is available online and includes brand-new relevant content.

Our most recently updated 401 includes:

  • The different ways you may be asked to provide information on your services
  • What should be included in a standard boilerplate proposal
  • Specific proposal provisions that you should have ready “just in case”
  • Suggestions for how to approach pricing (hourly vs. fixed vs. incentive-based)

Interested in a sneak peek?

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