It's that time of year again- Carbon Footprint Reporting Season!

We have just the thing to help you get started on your carbon footprint reduction goal- our white paper, "Reducing Your Organization's Carbon Footprint: Addressing Commuter Related Emissions".  

As organizations seek to effectively address their environmental impacts, carbon footprint reduction has become a common practice.  This white paper takes a closer look at reducing your organization’s carbon footprint and the many factors that come into play.  Organizational emissions tied to employee commuting can represent a very large or a very small part of an organization’s overall carbon footprint, depending on a great number of factors.  Factors may include facility location, organizational culture, and industry sector.  However, the carbon emissions associated with employee commuting can represent a significant portion of the organization’s overall carbon footprint size.  By reducing commuting related emissions, an organization can reduce its overall carbon footprint, sometimes dramatically.

Read the white paper here.